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[24 May 2003|02:14pm]
hey everyone! this journal is no longer in use!!! new username: starlit_night

comment there and ask to be added =)

<3 you all!

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[17 Apr 2003|11:35pm]
well i have a new journal just for pictures =) cuz i'm cool like that...(i stole the idea from ashley...lol)

so go look...theres gonna be alot! there! teddybear12345
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[16 Apr 2003|10:13pm]
AFI x Imperfect: hmm....let me think about it....NO
AFI x Imperfect: lol
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: j/m!!!!!
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: Omg stop with the "j/m"
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lmao MOGO...
AFI x Imperfect: wtf is a mogo newaze
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: dunno lol
AFI x Imperfect: sounds like mango
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: i think its a cross between a mofo and a mango
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lmao
AFI x Imperfect: lmfao
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: or mojo jo jo
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: from powerpuff girls
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: lolol mojo jojo
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol thats great
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: mojo jojo
AFI x Imperfect: jojojoojojojo
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: *twitches*
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[15 Apr 2003|09:39pm]
The past couple days have been nothing but stressful...well i haven't updated since last Thursday...

Friday: well i don't really remember what happend at school...lol but thats ok...It was the first day of Dance Team try-outs (more on that later!!) =) It was pretty fun...we just worked on a lot of skill type things...and they taught us the dance...i thought it was pretty easy, and it was only 45 seconds long!

Saturday: CONCERT!!! woop woop!! it was absolutly wonderful...not to mention i was with my girlies so it was even better!! Let's see who was playing...
*New Found Glory*
*Good Charlotte*
*Less Than Jake*
*The Disasters*
It was soooo good!!! New Found Glory was great but they played a few songs that i didn't know...Good Charlotte was FRICKEN AWESOME!!! I didn't really see Less Than Jake cuz i was out gettin my shirt (oo its pink its great...lol) and going to the potty and stuff...The Disasters were just way loud...way too much bass...And every single song sounded the same...It was just a great day, I had alot of fun!!

Sunday: i went to a dance rehersal at 1, until like 3:30...uh and that was about it...

Monday: school was gay as usual...We watched "Of Mice and Men" in English, and i fell asleep in History...Then it was Dance team try-outs!! Well we went there at 5...and then we practiced the dance until like 6:30 and then they had us numbered off (i was #6...) so we just went 2 at a time (i was w/ Deandrea) =) there was 40 people total who needed to try out so i had a LONG time ahead of me...lol they didnt even tell us who made it until 10:15...i was like sleeping standing up...Lol Well anyways...they came out and called off the numbers of the people who made it...JV first and then Varsity Competition and then Varsity...Danielle made JV!! Woop to her =)


Woop!! There were only 4 sophmores (9th grade this year) that made varsity!! Me, Nicole, Katie Bott, and Nicole Genaw =) woop so go us...

Good Job everyone!!!!!!!

Well onto today...

1st hour: Boring...we had a sub...played music and had all the people trying out for drum major direct...oy
2nd hour: watched "Of Mice and Men"...that movie is so depressing...lol
3rd hour: had a test...and i fell asleep... then the bell woke me up
4th hour: CPR test...
5th hour: we had a fire drill!!! lol it was cool, me and Dante were talking like the whole time...lol he's just a great kid...
6th hour: review for the test tomorrow...talked w/ Breanna =) aww i sersiouly love this girl...she was lookin at my pictures and she's like "you are so pretty" i was like OMG I LOVE YOU!!! she's just great...that like made my day...

Then i had a game after school...we lost but oh well...i scored a run and then i didnt get to play anymore...oh well...i'm not going to practice tomorrow...but i might lol, i dont want to at all...but w/e

i didnt go to dance...i didnt feel like it..

I talked to angie on the phone for like an hour...she just makes everything bad become good...seroiusly...

and then i talked to Anthony =) what an adorable lil boy lol

well i gotta go...Ly all...

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oo ooo...i was raised by the television... [10 Apr 2003|10:36pm]
Well today was a half day, and it was MIGHTY fun!


1st hour: Watched the lil 8th graders try and conduct *pees pants* they did pretty bad lol...Oh well i give them tons of credit for even trying out!
2nd hour: had a quiz on "of mice and men" and then we read the book...i was like ok, you guyz read way too slow for me...so now i'm done with the book...lol
3rd hour: watched "life is beautiful" again...i was sleeping =) until some loser kid yells "SWEET!!" when the main character got shot in the head...i jumped like 6 miles off my seat...grr i was having a good dream too lol...Then Justine did my hair =) French braid pigtails =) it was so cute =)

�*After School*�

We all walked to amandas!!

-�Amanda (ov course)

Manda made Grace & Justine these lil bday things...lol yummy =) they looked so tasty...lol *drools*

and we got our stuffed crust PIZZA!!! that was soo enjoyable =) vury good...lol

well we had alot of fun...espically when we chased the dumb 6th graders down the street...lmao, the kid called us BURRITOS!!!! LMFAO Ang just looked at me and i looked at her...we were like "HELL YEA WE ARE BURRITOS!!!" and we started jumpin up and down...lmao it was just great!

well then after i came home, i went to dance =) i finally got my pointe shoes all put together so i got to wear them =) and then i came home and went to confrences =) i got: 2 A+'s, 2 A's and 2 A-'s...GPA was a 4.00 =) that makes me happy...

And then i came home and talked to Anthony =) for like 20 minutes. We had a good chat =)

BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol be additude-ish
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: i made that up...do u like it?
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: ahh i <3 it
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: attitude-ish
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol

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So what if I see the sunshine, in the pouring rain =) [09 Apr 2003|10:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well the last couple days have been nothing but crap lol so it's not important...

Today: Bad day until like...lunch...

Band: Split off and looked over music...i cried...but thankfully i have friends to keep me up when i'm down =) Well anyways we got this Disney at the Movies music =) its so great lol
English: read "of mice and men" =( that book is sad...lol
History: did my biology homework...and watched this sad movie =(
Gym: write outs, vury easy
Biology: easy...i dont remember what we did lol but it was easy...
Geometry: Quadratic Equations =) oo i feel so smart saying that...lol

Aww, my Manda =) i love her:

BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: LMAO YES you love me and thats all that matters...as long as i have you to love me i'm all set for the rest of my life:-D
AFI x Imperfect: ahh as long as i have my shannie by my side, im complete in every single way!!! :-D
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: :-D:-Daww i love you manda...you make me so happie...its just great:-D
AFI x Imperfect: :-) thats my job bay bay!! :-)

AFI x Imperfect: haha its like "no call 991 im having a sesure!"
AFI x Imperfect: OMG! its 991 right?
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: OMG LOL
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: 911
AFI x Imperfect: LMFAO
AFI x Imperfect: OMG I NEW IT!
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: LMFAO *pees pants*
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: when i was little i always thought it was 119
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: i was typin it out im like "991 -backspaces- 911 -backspaces- oh what the hell 991" thinking to myself "ill remember it in a emergency"
AFI x Imperfect: lolol
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: then someone told me i was wrong and i was like "NO I"M NOT!!!!" lol
AFI x Imperfect: haha -calls 119 gets dial tone-
AFI x Imperfect: lol
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
AFI x Imperfect: whew my tummy hurts from laughing
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: amanda...where did the no, call 991 thing come from? all of a sudden we were talking about Hay and then 991...
AFI x Imperfect: cuz u were like laughing ur ass off and then i was like acting like ur mom "called 991 shes having a sesure"
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: oo...lol
AFI x Imperfect: we talk about airnesss lol
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: hey! lol
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: u got me all confused now...is it 991 or 911?
AFI x Imperfect: 911 u butt!
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: oh lol

ah great ness! lol

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survey [06 Apr 2003|12:46am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

number of....
[x]. Times I have had my heart broken? 2
[x]. Hearts I have broken? hah probly no one
[x]. Boys I have kissed? ok this is sad...lol...No one...
[x]. Girls I have kissed? none
[x]. Men I've slept with? none
[x]. Girls I've slept with? if u count sleeping/sleep over lol
[x]. Continents I have lived in? 1
[x]. Drugs taken illegally? None
[x]. People I would classify as true friends? 10
[x]. People I consider my enemies? no body really
[x]. People from high school Im in contact with? wha?? lol umm i dont get the question lol
[x]. Cd's that I own? alot...like 100 or something
[x]. Times my name has appeared in the newspaper? i have no idea lol
[x]. Scars on my body? a ton...i get hurt alot lol...but 2 that i can find at the moment
[x]. Things in my past that I regret? i dont usually have many regrets...but i have one that i can think of at the moment

Q. What's your favorite color?
A. at the moment PINK!
Q. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
A. nope

Q. Have you ever been in love?
A. Nope...

Q. Have you ever liked someone so much it made you cry?
A. Yes...sadly enough i have...

Q. Gone on Stage?
A. Yep =) Every year for dance =)

Q. Ever stay home on Saturday night just because?
A. All the time...I'm actually doing it right now...

Q. Are you Happy in life?
A. For the most part...

Q. Are you lonely?
A. Yea, i miss my friends =(

Q. Do you have a best friend? Who?
A. Yes i have 5 of them =)

Q. Who do you hang out with the most?
A. oh you know...the usual gang =) lol my friends are definatly the coolest/bestest people on this earth

Q. Who do you email the most?
A. nobody really...unless they email me first

Q. Who do you get the most emails from?
A. JUNK MAIL!!!! and comments from my journal =)

Q. Who's the loudest of your friends?
A. Ang lol, she definatly gets that award...lol

Q. Who's the best looking of your friends?
A. Duh...All of them!!! its not fair that my friends are so pretty lol...

Q. Who's the funniest of your friends?
A. Hm..thats a toughy...

Q. Who's the trendiest of your friends?
A. Justine...Amanda =)

Q. Who do you go to for advice?
A. everyone who will listen to what i need advice for.

Q. Who do you cry with?
A. Ang and Amanda... =) Amanda is my crying buddy lol

Q. What CD is in your CD player right now
A. HANSON!! lmao...and GC and Nick Carter

Q. Favorite Disney Character?
A. Sleeping Beauty...Jasmine...Ariel is by far the best thou =) Little Mermaid rocks my socks =)

Q. Favorite Movie(s)?
A. theres alot...lol, 16 candles is great, a walk to remember...etc

Q. Favorite TV shows?
A. Lizzie McGuire is def. my favorite TV show lol

Q. Favorite bands or artists?
A. NFG, GC, something corporate, just another joke, allister

Q. Favorite fast food?
A. Taco Bell!!!! and Subway! and burger king...oh HELL i just love fast food in general...

Q. Favorite song?
A. at the moment Michelle Branch - you get me...i keep listening to it over and over and over again...lol

Q. What room is your computer in?
A. living room

Q.What is your shoe size?
A. 6 1/2 - 7 ish... =) lol

Q.What is your job?
A. i dont have a job...its a good thing too lol

Q.What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. hah my choice of the month is an English Teacher

1 MINUTE AGO: doing these questions, watching that's so raven, talking to amanda
1 DAY AGO: seeing "what a girl wants" at the movies =)
1 WEEK AGO: dont even remember lol
1 YEAR AGO: everything was different
I HURT: over people
I LOVE: my friends/ family
I HATE: i don't hate i just dislike very strongly
I FEAR: dying...losing everything...and never being in love...
I HOPE: i talk to someone...
I FEEL: anxious
I LISTEN: to the tv
I HIDE: my real feelings
I DRIVE: people insane lol
I PLAY: music
I MISS: someone...very terribly...
I LEARNED: that i have a small trust problem...
I KNOW: that there is only 86 days til i go up north
I WAIT: for someone to come online so i can go to sleep
I NEED: to go to PacSun and buy those pants i want =) and get sum shoes for my dress
I THINK: that i need sleep

Current Clothes: grey sweat pants and a got milk t-shirt lol
Current Mood: um...sleepy
Current Music: nothin, tv
Current Taste: hmm i want chips
Current Hair: up and messy
Current Annoyance: nothing
Current Smell: tostitos...
Current thing I should be Doing: sleeping
Current Desktop Picture: an island =)
Current Favorite bands/singers: didnt we do this already?
Current Book: harry potter 4
Current Movie In VCR: how bout DVD player? austin powers goldmember
Current Refreshment: water
Current Worry: nothing
Current Crush: =) not sayin

Well that was fun wasn't it? Lol oh yeah thrilling...

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Lazyness... [04 Apr 2003|04:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Well have been almighty lazy the past couple days so thats why there was a gap in the entries... hmm...

Yesterday: it was fun!! Me, Grace, Ryan and Matt went to the mall =) it was alot of fun...We looked at shoes =) well i did lol, i didn't find any that matched my dress thou...I got my scarf thing that goes with my dress to =) and i took back a shirt that i gor for my bday to Aeropostale and got 2 new shirts =)

Today: Boring once again...Seriously i'm upset at all u people who went to Chicago...LOL

Band: Nothing...Sat around with the drummers lol
English: Finished watching "Reniassance Man" =) that's a really good movie...
History: Watched a movie...But i just did my biology homework and talked to Stephanie and Moe...We ate Cheetos and candy =) lol we stole SunChips from someone too =)
Gym: Ahh!! Aimee brought in ICE CREAM!!!!! =) what a great girl lol so i had 2 ice cream cones =)
Biology: Test...I think i did good =)
Geometry: a movie =)

Well i'm going to redo my room...or at least thats the plan...lol...it might just get some extensive (and highly needed) cleaning! lol

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from where i'm sittin...these shoes ain't fittin [31 Mar 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Today was actually good =)

1st hour: Fun =) We watched Fantasia and we had a sub...There was a mouse in the band room!!!! *ahhh*
2nd hour: Had another sub... just had a lil assignment that i got done =) our research paper isn't due until Wednesday =) thank gosh...
3rd hour: Um..why i never have any memory of this class i will never understand...lol, i really dont remember...
4th hour: Miz told us how to do all the CPR write outs and then we watched "Rookie Of The Year"! That movie is def. adorable =) the lil boy is just great lol
5th hour: watched a movie, and got homework =\ poo
6th hour: Problems from the book...really easy...

After School: Had Practice!! GAME TOMORROW!!! Woo!!! Then me and justine walked home to my house...and we ate popsicles like usual lol (mmm so good lol) and we talked =) OMG i got 2 charley horses!!! 2 OF THEM!!! w/in like 5 minutes of eachother...God that was so painful...Got one in my back =\ and one in my leg...the leg one wasnt that bad lol, but my back is killing me now...

Well then right now i have to work on my research paper...as much as i can anyways...and then i have to go to the Sports store and get my bat and a bag for tomorrow's game =) then i'm going to get my point shoes =) cuz they came in from ordered today =) and after that i'm going to dance!! =) so that should be fun =) well then i have to come home and work more on my research paper...Oy...Oh well thou

Well g2g

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I dunno... [31 Mar 2003|07:05am]
[ mood | confused ]

Ya know how sometimes you wake up feeling icky and you know the day is going to be bad? that's how i feel right now...=\

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=) [29 Mar 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

well the past couple days have been peachy =)

Yesterday: Half day...No Practice =) me, erica, amanda, justine, ryan, ang, and amanda f went to Coney and got food =) lol and that was my half day...Vury boring for the rest of the day...Except then i went to Anthony's game =) that was fun, Janine went with me...oh boy the fun i have with that girl lol, she's just great fun... we watched my dance recital tape and laughed...and watched lizzie mcguire and laughed...we basically just laughed all night long lol

my mom made us breakfast =) french toast and bacon =) lol it was nummy =)

So in like an hour i'm going to get Candace from work (Haha McDonalds queen...lol) and we are going to my cousins birthday party...i despise family gatherings lol...but it shouldn't be that bad cuz i got her to keep me company =) well i'll update more later...i gotta go get ready to leave...


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woo! [26 Mar 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was good =)

Band: Played music for Band-o-rama tonite..woo
English: Computer lab...easy...woop
History: watched that movie again...Ahh its so sad...it makes me wanna cry lol
Gym: Attempted to swim 20 laps...HAHAHA...i Swam 8...lmao
Biology: group projects...we got to color with markers!!! *jumps up for joy*
Geometry: Had a sub for a lil while...Then just took notes and a worksheet...

After school: Practice!! =) Baseball makes me happy...lol

Tonite= *Band-*O*-Rama*!!!! *squeals*

Well gtg, <3

Question: Why doesn't anyone leave me comments any more?!?! =(

viggs2003: call me later
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: I will :-)

Aww i swear...He makes me so happy =)

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=) [25 Mar 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: the boy makes me absolutly giddy...i CANNOT FUNCTION PROPERLY WHEN I THINK ABOUT HIM...
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: how sad
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: lol
x Tink x x: haha you will be typin like this hafklajflaHEYakflajfkaHOWajflakjfAREjalfjlaYOU
x Tink x x: you will et like twitches
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: fffgafwg ;oeirh
BuBbLiCiOuS2006x: like that?? lol

Aww i just love her...and him...

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*cuz i am barely breathing...* [25 Mar 2003|03:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Okay day...

Band: Played music for Band-*O*-Rama =) we are doing great...It's tomorrow!!
English: PreReading thing for a story...Then got our introduction things back
History: Watched a movie on WWII and the death camps and stuff...=( so sad...
Gym: had to tred water for 5 minutes...Terribly easy!
Biology: had a pop quiz...oy...i fell asleep
Geometry: Proofs...Oy boring...

now i have a Ton of homework...and then i have dance at 6:30-9

Answer me this: Have You Ever Seen A Fat MailMan?

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*I get lost in your eyes* [24 Mar 2003|04:24pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well today was good!! Actually pretty great!!

1st hour: Played thru all of our *Band-O-Rama* music...Pretty well actually =)

2nd hour: did a "snapshot" thing...and then sat around all hour!

3rd hour: Went to the computer lab...Me and Justine about pissed ourselves laughing...lol about the Willy Wonka stairs thing...lmao its great...=)

4th hour: sat around...Lol, Miz wasn't there so we had a sub...and did nothing...lol

5th hour: Laughed alot...*SlipKnot Yea!!!* lol that was too great...But we got our tests back and i got a A, Miss Grace did excellent!!! she got an A-!!!

6th hour: Durr...I hate Will...He's got a mohawk and now i hate him even more...He's so mean...Jackass...w/e thou...

After School: We filmed the beginning of the commercial! But charles got kicked out!! grr its all real stupid!!!!! and i don't have enough time to go thru all of what happend, so if you wanna know, its on his site ( Charles' site ) So ya go read it if you want...

Anyways! I have to go cuz this is my agenda for today:

-Biology, Geometry, and History homework (right now: 4:30)
-Softball Practice (5:30-7)
-Dance (7:30-8:30)
-Home and sleep....

So now i have to go make wise use of my time...grr...Cya later!

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[23 Mar 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was good and lazy =)

I woke up at like...11 cuz Angie called me and told me Frankie Muniz was on Punk'd lol, so i turned it on and watched that...Then i finally got outta bed at like 12...Then spent the next couple hours sitting on my butt...

Then at like 4 i left and picked up Ang and Anthony and we went to the movies...We saw "Agent Cody Banks"!!!! that movie is so great!!!

And when we were leaving an ambulance came...oy it was scarey...the lady at the counter passed out or something i dunno...

its amazing how fast a good mood can end...

cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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=) [22 Mar 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Well yesterday and today was good =)

Yesterday: went to Manda's for her birthday!!! we had so much fun...Ang, Justine, Erica, Matt, Grace, Ryan, Amanda F, Michelle, Megan, Danielle...and i think thats it!

so anyways...We watched "The Ring"!! It actually wasn't as scarey as i thought it was gonna be...Sure it was fricken scarey but i was expecting so much more lol...Anyways...I woke up at like 6 am...and was scared out of my mind and thru my pillow at Megan to wake her up and to come sit by me...So then we were both scared so we tried to wake up Erica but she just said to go back to sleep...Lol, so i ended up falling asleep...lol then we woke up and had coco pebbles...lol

Well when my mom picked me up, i came home and took a shower...Then my mom took me to the Dance store...I got a pair of dance shorts and a skirt...And then we ordered my Pointe shoes, cuz they never have the kind that i get...Well while we were there we ran into Janine =) shes so great lol, so we talked for a lil while...

Then after that, my me and my mom went to Harper Sports...ooo that was great, i got a bunch of stuff for softball...I got:
-2 pairs of sweatpants =) black and grey ones
-a black Adidas sweatshirt =) i love it...its so huge and so comfy...i just wanna wear it all the time lol
-Royal Blue SOCKS!! lol for my uniform...lol they are comfy i'm wearin them too lol

Well then i came home and sat around...and now here i am!!! lol so i gotta get going...actually i'm dont lol but still...



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University of Michigan!
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Which Michigan University Do You Attend?
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Well how do u like that?? lol who knew?

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well... [21 Mar 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well haven't updated in a few days...So here we go:

Today was good...Thanks to everyone who commented on my last entry...


1st hour: Fine and dandy...played thru all the bandorama music
2nd hour: Romeo + Juliet test...
3rd hour: Didnt go lol...I stayed in Mrs. McMillan's room and hung out with her lol she's so cool lol
4th hour: Sat out of swimming cuz i just didnt feel like swimming lol
5th hour: Test!! i Think i did good! it was pretty easy!
6th hour: worked with partners we had fun today!!

Well i made the Softball Team! woop, so i had "practice" after school...it wasnt really practice it was just sit around and get our uniforms...i'm number 8....sweet! lol So yea now i'm on my way to Amanda's party...Actually i'm a bit late....cuz my mom...grr...oh well...so i'll cya later!


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=( [19 Mar 2003|07:43pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I did absolutly terrible at softball tryouts today =(

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good day =) [19 Mar 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today wasn't that bad!!

1:Talked for a lil while and then played thru the band-o-rama music
2:Turned in our introductions for the research paper...Then went to the computer lab to type out all the resource thing.
3: made our country flags!! woo! mine is lovely =) Sweden is the bomb =)
4: boring today! we had a sub so we were in the bleachers in the pool...so i sprawled out and fell asleep =) got a good nap in lol...but people kept yelling and stomping all over the bleachers so i would wake up every 5 minutes lol but thats ok...
Lunch: nothing good was happening so i went to the Band room =) sat w/ angie and justine for a lil while
5: watched Breanna & Amanda's presentation and then got our quizzes back (A- bay bay!!) and then we did this PTC test to see if we were a 'taster or non-taster' unfortunatly i was a taster and it was really disgusting...it tasted like burnt cow...lmao...it was really nasty! but it was kinda a fun day...nothing too hard or anything!
6: took a quiz, read my horoscope...it was freakishly weird/correct/right!
After school:Had a 'brief' honor society meeting...and then we stayed and thought of ideas for our commercial for the broadcast thing =) this one is def gonna be sweet =)

well i have practice for softball at 6-7:30...i dont know how many days of tryouts are left... =)

well i gotta go...



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